Commercial real estate brokerage.

The primary function of Coleshire Properties is to actively manage commercial real estate transactions. The goal is to provide the highest service in matching buyers and sellers of real estate assets. This service is accomplished using analytical based methods to assist in the decision making process.

Clients needs vary with different real estate uses.

Coleshire employs unique processes to approach each market segment.

Industrial users must find the right fit with land use, functional structures, and access to transportation infrastructure.


Office locations must fit the image of a business and provide a comfortable workspace for organizations. In selling this asset class, properties are marketed on a national level for exposure to a larger pool of buyers.
When the customer has to come to your location, site selection may require detailed demographic analysis.


Land transactions present many variables. To ensure the best value to a buyer or seller, consideration must be place on market conditions and end uses of the property.

Focus on your business

Focusing on non-core activities brings in ZERO dollars to the organization.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. We specialize in real estate transactions from start to finish.

  • - Acquisitions
  • - Tenant Representation
  • - Leasing
  • - Disposition Strategies

Coleshire Properties can lay out a framework to keep organizations doing what they do best.