Tenant representation

Commercial tenants want properties that are compatible with their businesses. There is a common goal to operate profitably, which requires attention to detail when committing to lease terms. Coleshire Properties can assist clients with information and negotiations throughout the process.

Building Leasing

Building owners seek to maximize profit on their investment. This is best achieved with low vacancy rates and high quality tenants. Through marketing the property and proper rent pricing, vacancies can be minimized. By screening prospective tenants on their ability to conduct business profitably, creditworthiness, and financial standing, owners are able to operate their buildings with less risk.

Coleshire Properties provides access to the markets clients desire
Properties are marketed and searched on both local and nation levels. National exposure allow for opportunities not offered at the local level.

Common lease terms:
Coleshire Properties can negotiate lease details on behalf of the tenant or building owner.

Leasing Strategy

As a building owner you must make your asset marketable. This can be accomplished by conforming to industry standards in regards to rentable / usable