Coleshire Properties - Consulting

Professional services for hire.

There may come a time in your business where real estate needs change. Coleshire Properties can be part of your team to assist with your project in the following areas:

  • - Location analysis.
  • - Property cash flow analysis.
  • - Zoning.
  • - Site selection.
  • - Evaluation of finance options.
  • - Real estate investment comparisons.


What does your investment vision include?

If your organization is looking for the next step or considering an overall real estate strategy, Coleshire can assist in developing a plan to get you there.

Coleshire Properties engages real estate challenges with daily frequency.

Our consulting model allows clients the ability to look at options and research real estate issues using our staff and resources.

No transaction, No Commission
Consulting work is billed on an hourly basis. This gives clients the latitude to consider options without committing to any buying, selling or leasing.

It's who you know

In commercial real estate many different professionals have a role. We have contacts to assist clients if needed.

  • - Lawyers.
  • - Financing.
  • - Engineers.
  • - Architects.
  • - Contractors.
  • - Accountants.
  • - Appraisers.