Development allows visions to become reality.

Real Estate development is the process of responding to the real estate needs of communities and organizations. It's a business where different investors may have different motivations and risk profiles. The end result of a successful project is the ability to generate cash flows for many years after completion.

Coleshire Properties completes the team

To put a project in motion two key elements should be considered, market research and marketing. Coleshire Properties provides market research to you by determining the who, what, where of a development. All research is backed up using current market data applied with industry accepted approaches. The marketing component is accomplished through industry contacts and national networks to ensure the greatest exposure of your project to the marketplace.

Let Coleshire Properties navigate the municipal approvals process.
Most municipalities have a set process in place to grant approvals. Coleshire Properties can manage the process to keep projects moving from start to finish.

Skillful market analysis allows developers the following benefits:
  • -The ability to take advantage of
  •   opportunities when the exist.
  • - Better positioning of property
  •   relative to competition.
  • - Strategically priced products.
  • - Reduced chance of over- or
  •   underestimating market demand.

Project planning

The phrase "time is money" may apply to development more than any other industry. Coleshire Properties can assist in creating a timeline so you know what to expect prior to committing resources to the development