The commercial real estate industry allows companies, investors, and organizations the marketplace to buy, sell, lease and develop real estate assets. The participants are as diverse as the asset classes. From sophisticated offshore investors buying office towers to family businesses looking to expand. Every deal is unique

Coleshire Properties is the gateway to the commercial real estate market. We are the link between the people that have real estate needs and the national networks of professionals that help accomplish client objectives. Coleshire Properties achieves their client's goals by using access to current market data to create an analytical approach to the decision making process. This allows you to make informed decisions while reducing risk.

An analytical approach

Industry data and robust modeling allows you the sophistication to compare different investments to maximize profit and protect against unnecessary risk.


Implementing the plan

All transactions deserve professional treatment. Coleshire Properties can manage the challenges step by step from start to finish to keep progress moving.


Objectives achieved

The ultimate measure of success is if all goals are met. If it's income, profit, or capital outlay, Coleshire Properties is the vehicle for your success.